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Whitecliffs Talking Newspaper

The Whitecliffs Talking Newspaper is a local charity that provides free weekly recordings to anybody who finds it difficult to read newsprint.

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Aylesham Newsagency
66 Cornwallis Avenue, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 3HQ

Aylesham Newsagency
4-5 Market Place, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 3EY

Bensteads Newsagents
92 Lower Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 0RD

Heath Newsagents
52 Middle Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 6HT

Heath Newsagents
102 High Street, Deal, Kent, CT14 6EE

Kingsdown Village Newsagents
1 Greenbank, Deal, Kent, CT14 8BJ

Maxton Newstore & Post Office
377 Folkestone Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 9JR

36 Pencester Road, Dover, Kent, CT16 1BW

Rigdens News
12 Worthington Street, Dover, Kent, CT17 9AD

Strand Newsagents & Lower Walmer Post Office
45 The Strand, Deal, Kent, CT14 7DX

Whitfield Newsagents & Post Office
Bewsbury Croos Lane, Dover, Kent, CT16 3HB

Wingham Newsagency
70A High Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 1BJ